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Lyric Deja Blue

Deja Blue
- written by Craig Wiseman & Donny Lowery
Now as she s walking out the door
Sayin she don t want me no more
As her tires are a squealin
Lord I get this funny feelin
That I ve been in this position before
A different time another flame
Still it s spooky how it seems the same
Deja blue
Deja blue
Yeah I m feelin pretty certain
That this cryin and a hurtin
Is somethin I ve already been through
Oh Lordy here I go again
Tell me will it ever end
Same ol fool
Nothin new
Deja blue
Now it started in the second grade
With little blondie what s her name
I toted all her books
And gave her long and gooshy looks
And all she wanted was my brother Jay
That first time nearly done me in
But I ve been there a hundred times since then
Same ol fool
Nothin new
Deja blue