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Lyric Chicken Grease

let me tell U bout the chicken grease
stuffs and things 2 make the people get out ya Seat
everybody it s cool if u wanna clap your hands and stomp YOUR feet
come on down 2 the front where you can feel the beat
from the left 2 right, the BACK the middle and the front
don t be uptight, shake it off do what u want
pump it in the club get a little bit a rub-a-dub
I know u love me cause I m funky cause I just wanna show u some love

chicken grease
chicken grease

2 get 2 the other side
Y all cross the road
but not the kid see i m like that old bucket of crisco
that s sitting on top of the stove
simmer to a sizzle like the days of old
but I ll wait til I ve mastered this, let the others go first
so the brothers wont miss
fried til it s burned and crisp
say we be cooking so the funksters can raise their fist like this
now u know how its goin down, start at your neck,
then thrOugh your back then it works its way down 2 your feet
so unique, come on everybody let s dance 2 the beat
I just wanna put u down (yeah)
I just want u all to get down (yeah)
everybody come on and get down 2 the chicken grease

If you wanna come on down 2 the front
baby yo it s cool everybody fakin the funk
i ma put u in school, take a lesson from adolescence 2 man
I got the music and the instruments use em as my weapons at hand
everybody on the floor if u listening 2 me
clap your hands stomp your feet
I just wanna put u down (yeah)
I just want ya all 2 get down (yeah)
everybody come get down 2 the chicken grease (yeah)

chicken grease
chicken grease