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Lyric Left&right

I see U dancing right now
I don t need to tell U that U know how
But baby U do (oh)
I said U belong
And if U dreamed 2 be free
I can take U there just follow me
Baby I won t
I won t steer U wrong

And it seems like 2 me
U want someone to fit your pedigree
Baby I do, so what U want
Smack yo ass, pull yo hair
And I ll even kiss U way down there
U know that I will
Think I won t?

Specially when U do it
Left & Right
(Keep movin )
Up & Down
(Love when we do it)
Left & Right
(Keep movin )
Up & Down
Left & Right & Up & Down (4x)

Here U are in my world
Make U feel like a pearl
Rub your back, and fulfill your needs
So why don t we just get undressed
Feel the tender touch of your caress
That s what I want
Why don t U give it 2 me

I will have U believe
There s no reason for U 2 leave
Stay right here, in my arms (in my arms)
Where you re safe and secure
And with me U can be sure
There s no threat say U torn me on


I know that U know, the sexy little things U do (2x)