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Lyric Greatdayindamornin /Booty

Today I played it safe, cards are in my favor
Can t U leave 2 much 2 chance,
Woke up with time to waver
Yesterday was crazy,
Mysteries I know now, now I know,
The ins and outs of things from day 2 day
That s how it goes
Don t get confused about it,
Just try to do your thang
Cause in the end gotta know just how to play the game
I search for answers often,
I payed the price for many
Still long for happiness
Not promised to the plenty
I ve gotta go on

Good days, bad days, halfway days
Good times, bad times, halfway times
Good days, bad days, halfway days
But I m still looking for a greatdayndamornin

Today might be the day, I get it in the pocket
Lord knows if there s an angle, gotta try 2 find it
Gotta get over, before the sun comes up
Just in case of an emergency, gotta tighten up