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Lyric Living On The Front Line

Living On The Front Line

[ Verse 1 ]

We all felons in this world ya gotta know
I remember my crimes from the every single day
We surfing on the line expecting tha reborn day
Sometimes I just wane get on my knees young G
Put the gun to the head
Be on the way to get free
Seen my brothers go burry in the cemetery
Even if I do die
I go to remember as legendary
Thiz shit gone real scary
All I got in this life is necessary
the blink of the eyez sharper then knife
When I close my eyez I see the dead in one pack
If I go to my coffin then dress it red and black
The cops opening fire
so we re back to retires
The drink-out off our blood like coldly vampires
Bury me to ash if I die let the soul go saved
Throw it in the ocean free cached by the wave
I do what I gotta do to survive in 2-K-5
Only time we known
when we hit clock fly to the sky
I wonder if the lord still cares bout uz
who can we blame?
Lil babies go crazy
The neighbourhoods ain t the same
They all suffering from the lame
Parts of the rules
The shit got remade the shit of today go insane
It s like we got trapped in the world full of pain
We keep on struggle without find no pieces of gain

[ Verse 2 ]

Besides thru all of that
Am I not giving it up in the hood?
Cuz everything itz all good when I going back
The feeling love reached the top never so strong
And who am I to say
what s right and what s wrong
My thugz is home I m no longer alone
Brotha its soon my time to go am I welcome?
Grandmama is the only one the outsiders has
They got kick-out on the sidewalk
without cash
Running the streets in the nightlight like the thieves
Forced to take orders from the higher chiefs
Violent is the way to freedom for an outlaw
Livin in another game
With other rulez and lawz
Mama I think itz better for you to come inside
Cuz the loved community we once had has died
For how long do I gotta fight until I get free
Will I ever get the chance to be me in thiz tragedy?
The O.G s
Iz who the younger follow
Searchin for better tomorrow now they sallow
They on everyday battle with the punk police
They ain t got any opportunity
Fight or go freeze
The rules of an outlaw is worth to remember
Shoot or get shot
Bloody streetz of December
But in this life I lead until I die form my bleeds
Got feed with poison and violent since I was a seed