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Lyric Hellrazier


[ Verse ]

I m just similar to a storm with my own thunder
Makin earthquake
Let the whole world getting under
If you want a battle
Come and get it I m ready to smack
I may get in a shack
I armed and loaded with slaps
Get cufuz when you take notice of this unreadable dunder
Untouchable rythmez
I make the whole population wonder
Bloody hands after the battle
I m a hellrazier
So don t you raise the voice against me
Unlock you eyez and see
The king is born An I get corn for nuthin
This is the point I get inform
What a fuck you sayin you heartless and by stone
When why you crying in the dark
When you are alone

[Verse ]

I stay on the way
Go round cuz I ain t make way
When I done with you
I just say to you mama to pray
This very wonderful day and the sky is blue
Perfect day for me to pass through
This life is tough and unfair
Somethin you can t rezist
Just becuz the is here
Doesn t it mean that it exist
Fuck with me then you ll be the first on my list
Don t make me wane clap you cuz I m pissed
My lyrics goes deeper then the deepest ocean
I ve got high aggrisivit
Explosive like exploration
I m Lyrical don t need weapons
My wordz full of poison
I m tha way I am
My destiny already chosen