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Lyric Freestyle [Clean Verison]

( Low Voice Speakin )

(Jade Fox Talkin )
Oooh man ya know whatz really rappin ?
I cleaning it down with kally Zone
Dj fatal
It s ya gurl Jade Fox
Also Know As Carmen Elneson
Hardcorerap albe for the 2k4
and Keep it On.....

(Gun Shot)

( F-T-M )
Coming throught like an unstoppable train
I will make you feel pain
I gone knock down every enemy
Cross every gain
I not insane just straight to the muthafucking game
I keep it real
Cuz my heart iz a burning flame
I m tha G straight from K.O.S.-ova
The shqype M.C. who will take the shit ova

( M.C. )

( Take The Shit Ova)

You piece of shit how that fuck
Can you die for the throne
When you ain t got the fucking heart to die by your own
Mind full of demonz I walking the Road Of Death
My rymmez will strike out you last breath
Prepre to fight cuz my gun is ready to pop
Pray to god cuz you are the one
who gone drop

( Pray 2 God )

( Who Gone Drop )

( F-T-M talkin )
Shqype soldiers
F.t.m tha don
Represent shqype recordz
4 - Life
( 4 - Life )

K - Unit
( k-Unit )
( K-Unit )