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Lyric Die 4 Thiz [Org.]

Die 4 Thiz [Org.]

[Verse 1]

My lifestyle hard-exchanged distanceformed fo yarz
No opportunitiez with the llie cuz I m forced
If ya wanne change mah wayz
Blow mah brain off
The survial possibility is struggle thru stuff
Relate fo the punk to face tell em fakez
Suckaz wanne rip mah heart off for the paparz
I let mah female strack
Fucka from the back
Streets of AB-G is the place where I m at
High above the sky the limite none pass-by
Put the gun to the head say bye-bye don t cry
I ride with the thugz
Reload all the gunz
Got full controll when I roll with the real once
Losted somewhere in the dark side of the dome
All dying in the end
When eyez reachin full moon
They wanne see doing bad but I doing good
Mah death become lengedary in the neighbeorhood

[Verse 2]

I don t got anything to lose
Just a mind confused
I walking in the death man s walking shoes
I spit Two-Double Zero rymmez like a machinegun
From the earth to the heaven I m the chosen one
Don t diss when ya ain t knowing who you re
To complete your dreamz don t me your own star
I m real to the bone baby filling ya body with lead
Turning off the light
Leave OG z bloody dead
If U wanne live as a G then put your faith on me
Won t let ya down
Cuz we re da untouchble family
Hitting the graveyard kidnapin your daughter
Got armiez of soldierz waiting for the orders
F-T-M the Don until the jugdement dome
Finding mah heart deep in the stress zone
I heard suckaz coming for me to kill me
They may kill me
They can t deaying they feel me
Try to walk one mile in mah life shoes
The you ll understand ya ain t got nuthin to lose