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Lyric Who We Gone Be [Freestyle]

Who We Gone Be

My lifestyle is hard-exchanged, far away from yarz
Nada thing done with the wille, cuz I was forced
They wanne see me changed, trapped in the chains
Mah only possibility, is to shut out the pain
I bitchslap your face, you nuthing but a faker
Now muthafukaz wanne kill me for mah paper
I let mah female strack, Fucka from the back
AB-G is the place, where I m at
High above the sky, cuz somebody gone die
Point the finger, and say goodbye to the bad guy
I ride with the thugz, Reload the gunz
Got full controll when I roll, with the real once
I m the hellwarrior, with the danger zone
Coldy warewolf, killing suckaz to full moon
They wanne see me doing bad, but I m doing good
Fucking whoes like you thatz our moto in the neighbeorhood