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Lyric My Life ??

My Life

Up in the morning, before the sun rise
God shinez on me, High above the sky
Somebody tell me why, We livin like thiz
Spending the entanel life, On canabiz
God U betraied me, U promised to save me
Will I get Chance, To be me in the tragdy
I following mah dreamz, Cuz the time all mine
Deep in the dark, Mah angle “T” shines
The burning flame inside, Got me moving on
Now I understand life, Finally in heavens home
I can never return back, Make thingz undone
I m just who I m, The losted warrior son
Lord can ya feel me?, Bless mah furture kids
Don t let them get the scarz, Like I once gets
Pain for the monment, Pressure comes together
Scars in the heart, They ll last 4-ever an ever