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Lyric Special Delivery

[Verse 1]
Yo, this for my niggas, though, special delivery
Spit like this, get my wrists all glittery
Get cake, snakes get slithery
Lean in, show y all the meaning of chivalry
Rap ruler, you could ask Buddha
Right jab like Zab Zuda
Every member on my team is the shooter
Tight like a womb, no room for intruders
Spark Buddha, twistin the Philly
And Good Humor, don t be silly
It s gravy baby, I got it all smothered
Like makeup, I got it all covered
Want a jewel, don t be cruel
It s authentic, don t be fooled
By these phony accusations
Backlash and slanders
Front, and they put pits in ya
Stunts and propaganda
Keep it private, cause I m the commander
In chief, I never stop like beef
Gimme a break, I might shake the building place
Say vacate all women and children
I spit it out

Chorus (repeat 2x)

Special delivery
I want that
Special delivery
I need
Special delivery
Can I have that
Special delivery
Come give it to me

[Verse 2]
If you ain t ready, I ma bust through ya curtain
Encore, you re not sure, I m certain
Wait, make sure the mic workin
Make cake, sorta like Earth Wind
And Fire, the rap vampire
Retire in the morn
Warm like campfires
Matter of fact, I m blazin
Raisin the roof up
Slide off with ya rooster
Took her to the stu and seduced her
Let her do a skit, then she hit my producer (Oh)
Not whatcha used to, I m looser
Ya need to stop fuckin with them losers, now who s up
The mystic ruler, grand imperial
Filthy, but milky like cereal
Bang this in ya stereo
MC s is dead and I ma get head up at they burial
And that s disrespectful
I m strong like Exo mixed with X, yo
And that s the high capability
And yes, I possess that ability
I spit it out

Chorus (repeat 2x)

[Verse 3]
Yeah, ayo, Dep so bright, light looking halogen
Spit that bar, car low mileagin
Let s go, metropolitan
Area, cuz I m hearin ya hollerin
The earthquaker, Harlem bread maker
Gimme two hands, few grams and the shaker
Hit the block, watch the kids bake up
Your girl keep coming around
Then I ma take her to Jamaica
And I give her a reason to get curious
But ya pain, it ain t that serious
MC s ran with this and that
But change your name to Saran cause it s a Wrap
Your rap is like a sedative
You sleepy, defeat me, negative
So it s over and I guess you gotta live with it
And you can tell by the records that s distributed
I spit it out

Chorus (repeat 4x to fade)