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Lyric Opinionate!

Lyrics: Tecchio, Music: Lorenzo

How bout we get a little honest with ourselves
Let s start to think!
We re only flaunting our lack of respect
When we argue over opinions
You talk like it s a fact
I wish you could just listen to yourself and your...
From the way that you talk
You d think your word was law
A preference cannot be wrong nor right
But it s wrong to try and dispute tastes
There s so many reasons we all use to form opinions
You see we ve got the right to each hold a point of view
Why fight each other, it s all in vain respect s the key
But we argue blind, each thinking he is right
We are all at fault, you know it s true
Our simple free will is completely ignored
Damned to ignorance, what will we do now?!
We ve all got enough problems, why add to the strain?
A no-win situation is what we have on our hands
Over and over and over and over
We prove the fact that we can t think
Living one mulish day at a time
Convinced that our shit doesn t stink! Yeah!
(Ed solo)
This song is food for thought, we re all starving
To change your standpoint is not so alarming
The usual result of change is growth
What s your opinion we d like to know!
Opinionate! Opinionate! Opinionate!
Opinionate! Opinionate! Opinionate! Now!