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Lyric King in Exile

Lyrics: Tecchio, Music: Lorenzo

I have lived a life of wealth and splendor
Anything I wanted I could easily buy
(Locked away) from the games that you play
(Beg beg) every minute of every day
(Day to day) I m carefree that s more than you can say
Much more than you can say
Prince to pauper was my decision
Discarding everything I had ever owned
(Take a look) where s my self respect?
(In exile) with all of my worries
(I don t care) if I m a burden to society
(Ed solo)
Proclaiming selfish, careless freedom
You re blind to the worth of life!
There s pride to be found in accomplishing
Something you ve strived for!
So try and redefine your outlook!
Get a job! Get a job!
It just might save your life!
Get a job! Get a job! Get a job!
Get a job! Get a job! Get a job!
You worthless slob!