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Lyric Nightstalker

music & lyrics - Lorenzo

solo - Scott
See the child, pentagram in hand
There s nothing that can stop him
Psychopathic mind, misdirected wrath
Towards all who dwell around him
But they ll blame it on us
And our music
Throats and faces slashed
The raping it would last
Into victims, dying
He broke into their room
Sense impending doom
Suspended animation
Enjoying the pain
Of his victims
Oh, Nightstalker looms
Inside of drugs
Nightstalker, Nightstalker
You ll blame it on song
But you are wrong
Nightstalker, Nightstalker
What you don t understand
And you can t comprehend
Don t you try to explain it
Until you live alone
And feel the coldness roam
Throughout your hollow soul
Still you ll blame it on us
And our music
The night convicts you once more
Like a bed traps a whore
There s no escaping black instinct
You ve damned the innocent to blame
Inflicting on us false shame
Salem s children close to the link

solo - Scott
So take a look at yourself
And worry bout no one else
Take a look all around you
Maybe someone you know
Will need for you to show
How it is that you found it