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Lyric My Jacket

i see you everyday girl and theres something I d like to tell you.
If you just listen to the words yeaaaah

you can wear my jacket(to let em know your mine)
hold my hand girl(cause you know I ain t ashamed)
you know i love you(but it s gotta feel this way)
your the one hey hey your the one

Verse #1:
I watch you in the halls everyday I wanna stop you girl but I don t know what to say and looking at you girl makes me feel crazy my friends wanna play but ain t got time for the games. They say Lil-Chris why you acting like this and I don t really know why I m acting like this got them butterflies in my stomach and they ready to(ready to fly) So talk with me ooh just walk with me.

Chorus 2x s

Can t wait to walk you home from school and you don t even ask cause you know I wanna do it and if you want some candy girl let s go to the store get whatever you like do you want a lil more I especially love the love notes that you write and I can t go to sleep til I read em every night and this felling that I m feeling babe it s a natural high and it feels good girl you make it feel real good girl.

ooh I know I never really knew what love is until the day we had our first kiss and now I m gonna love you forever girl. oooh I know I can t say I know what the future is but the rest assure I m gonna cherish this I feel like I m gonna love you forever girl.