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Lyric By His Own Decree

I Proclaim Thee
To Hear My Demands
In Invoke Thee
Grant My Commands
Self Indulgence
Self Fulfillment
The Very Essence

By His Own Decree
He Grants Thy Wisdom And Thy Strength
By His Own Decree
Denounce The Self-Righteous Hypocrites
By His Own Decree
We Defy Your Sanctimonious Beliefs
By His Own Decree
We Indulge Ourselves In Glorious Freedom

I Proclaim Thee
Reveal Thy Master
I Invoke Thee
Reveal Thy Eternal Flame
Bearer Of Fire
Bearer Of Truth
The Very Essence

He Shall Arise
And Gratify Thee
He Shall Devise
A Scheme Of Enlightenment
He Shall Retain
His Strength Beside Him
He Shall Sustain
His Power Of The Earth