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Lyric Three Times

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Selfdefense or murder of first degree. Tell me who are you to pass
judgement. Raise my hand in anger, a just cause, to pacify the aggressor
at all cost. So what is the law? When all else fails, there s nothing
left. Given a choice. Stand back or suffer the consequence. Three times,
my fist came down. (spoken) I refuse to be victimized, or given your
pathetic fucking powertrip. You re not looking to kill anyone, you just
want to display how big and strong you are. Well, check again
motherfucker! Do you think that you ll live forever? I have no qualms
about mortalizing your arse! Check again motherfucker! You re in the real
world now. So how does that feel for a change? How does it feel to be the
victim? Twisted indifference, Violence against violence. Destroy
resistance. Violence against violence. Selfdefense or murder at first
degree. Tell me who are you to pass judgement? Cold reality, suffer the
ultimate truth. Die motherfucker!