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Lyric Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn

The wilted flowers that i gave
Were not as nice as your bouqet
All the lyrics that i wrote
Not as smart as the words he spoke
The starlight above my hometown
Aint as bright as the star ive found
Every drawing that i drew
Was never ever as cute as you

Serious as a heart attack
Im looking in my almanac
Ive gotta find out all the things
And find out where you got your wings
Shimmy shimmy quarter turn
I feel like i will never learn
How can i check lost and found
When im too busy getting down

Gotta get it back to
A back up plan to find you
Start acceleration
Take it back to square one

I swear im not kidding
Were just looking to fit in
With all the other answers
To questions never confirmed
States that keep us far apart
Turn down the beating of my heart
Mark the places in my book
With photographs we never took
I swear im not kidding
The night time is so pretty
With all the stars above your eyes
Im sneaking out and making ties
States that keep us far apart
Track the beating with a chart
Mark the rythyms that i shook
Everytime i caught you look