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Lyric Mission Improbable

featuring What What

[What What]
Woke up at 7:30 early in the morning last week
Sun shining in my face, I wiped away the sleep
from my eyes, from the beginning - OH SHIT, what do you know
Two guys standin with guns at my bedroom window
I played it cool, peeped the tools they carried in they hand
Two three-fifty-seven Mags and one on the bedstand
I had my, piece under the pillow cause that s just how I do
Started to reach for it, but then I guess they knew
One nigga started laughin and turned to his man
He said, "I don t think that she knows about this plan"
His man, just smiled, and nodded his head
Aimed his gun at me and said, "Get out of the bed"
I complied, with his wishes, bent down, to grab my slippers
Nigga number one said, "Hey now, no funny business
Just, do what we say and everything ll be cool
You ll hear a lot of things today but that s the #1 rule"
I said, "What the fuck is this shit, all about?
We can discuss the problem and y all, can break the fuck out"
Nigga number one said, "That we not able to do
but there s a tapedeck on your table with a message for you"
It said: follow niggaz one and two s instructions carefully
or fucked up things will happen if you dare to be
a heroine, these orders come straight from
the President, of the American, People
Then the tape just stopped, I looked at my watch
Niggaz one and two had they guns up cocked
and said, "It s time to go, grab your things and get ready
In thirteen minutes we all gotta be jetti, c mon.."

Sitting in the, back of a van, with cuffs on my hands
Six secret service men in black, one nigga in tan
Who s driving? For three hours, we ve been riding to
route 33, to a very small island and unloaded
Niggaz one and, two at my side
Number one glaring at me for the whole damn ride
They seem to, travel in silence, express themselves in violence
And I m the target, shoving me back and forth
with very very big guns
What would you do in this situation?
No place to run in the remote location
Kept my patience, and stuck to the tape s advice
Knew my crew could find me with the Negro Tracking Device
I wasn t worried, but niggaz one and, two hurried
They stepped, to the door, where the President was kept
Punched in a passcode, I watched the door slide open inside
Stood there we, and the President arose
and my people said, "Drop the guns, hop in your van
Get the fuck off the island or we cappin your man"
The secret service men ran, what could they do?
Here s a lesson - never ever fuck with me and my crew
Check it

* Herbaliser cuts "You on a mission? This was impossible" *