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Lyric I m Goin Home

Mama, please don t go
Won t you stay here for one more day
I ve been your boy for so long now
There s so much I, I still have to say
The sky ripped open and I held my heart in my hand
Like a soldier on his very last day
Cried myself to sleep that night
And I listened as I heard the angels sing
Sha la la


Sha la la la,
La la la la
I m goin home

Something inside of me makes me scream
How could God take you from a little boy
You ll be alright he s by my side
He s not a little boy, he s my pride and joy


Summer on the radio, when the phone rang
And it was Jeanette
Saying boy we had to let her go
I beg, "No, no not yet"

You left six of us to fend for ourselves
Guess it s just part of someone s master plan
*We ll say you left cause you re my best friend
*You were a liar then, and that s my plan
The angels sing...