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Lyric Rays Of Knowledge

Diese Fortschritte! Dieses Eindringen von Wissensstrahlen
von allen Seiten ins erwachende Hirn! Ich leugne nicht: es begluckte
mich. Ich gestehe aber auch ein: ich uberschatzte es nicht, schon
damals nicht, wieviel weniger heute...

Rays of knowledge
from everywhere inside my brain
used to make me happy
in the end it?s only pain

A pure white sheet of knowledge
so much to see and to know
the strong will for the progress
the will to see the will to go
the light of knowledge seemed so brightly
hoped that it woul never blind me


Oh my sweet delight of knowledge
Please enlighten me
So please enlighten me


Used to love the new sentence
became addicted to the science
oh sweet delight of cognition
turned to a longing for hell
love is not the reason anymore
it?s just the thrill of possibility