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Lyric Young Riders

ft. Baby

Off top, peep these four lil youngsters out watch how they lay it down

Say Baby, hand me the chopper let me cut loose, nigga talkin crazy but lil daddy aint bullet proof, put em in the water with them sharks let me see if he can swim, ya playin witcha life wodie ya hangin on a limb. Boy you know you scared, and I know you is, you been talkin a whole lot of shit, but let me tell ya this, I ma Hot Boy, aka the Juvenile, comin to ya door with that nine callin ya out. What gon do? Ya bitch you, got me all rowd up and shit and I m ready to split you. The g code, I live by it and die by it, if you play wit me ya playin witcha life right? This ain t no walk in the prak its a walk in the ?bend?, niggaz tryin to take that ass, make it they girlfriend, mad at me for my clothes cuz all you niggaz ain t nothin but hoes

Nigga what, I don t give a fuck, Lil B.Geezy show these niggaz you dont give a fuck

My presence make a nigga break it off cuz they know if they don t off this earth I ma take em off, nigga I play it raw, you thinkin bout droppin ya nuts, better pick em up, cuz you and everybody witcha I ma hit em up, so nigga give me mine, don t make me hafta take it, cuz I put your family in a fucked up situation, ya momma like where my son at? Everybody know I done it, but the law don t know where the gun at, so they can t touch me, can t question me, can t fuck wit me, so its an unsolved mystery, B.Geezy a doggie, don t give a fuck about the law, ready to send ya to the mall yea, and you feelin like a #2 pencil, when I put that lead in you, they fly the ace town continental, live with Evette, bitch had my whole strap too, I got my Mac 11 she gotta Tec 22

A blocks a block, I rob niggaz, better drop ya like its hott fo ya die nigga, you could think its a game it ya want, they fly nigga, them high lows hit ya...ya live? Uh huh nigga, you be left as a memory on a fresh write is ya picture, I keep it on the low so no one know that I did ya, play it like that these days niggas will state ya, play the game raw, kidnap your LG and ....I m dirty so they call me low down, where I m from, shoot first, I can t miss with a choppa wit a drum, I m shootin to kill, no wheelchairs and shit bags, I shoot cha in places where I know you gon die fast, ya head and your chest wodie, catch ya dippin by your whore house when ya loaded, give it 2 ya blood, that s the way I solve my problems my nigga, come round my spot..don t know ya..thats a problem my nigga

Lil Wayne:
All I know is bend swangin, make the enemy block scorch, nigga I been hangin, boy I ain t just jumped off the porch, I ma nine totter, my niggaz got me drankin Henney, got my mind tote up, so all I do is spend the bend, I keep my rag tied, I had it on ever since the day my daddy died, and now its on and I m ready for guerrilla war, at CMB, you know who my only niggaz are, lil 17, I put it down fo my lil thug niggaz, too young to get into the club niggaz, but wait out in front so when you come out they bust nigga, trust nigga, they ll show ya how, and I ve been thuggin wit B. Geezy, he taught me how, now play wit me and watcha catch on fire, I hit cha block wit a long clip, body fryer, now watch I make my bullets spray like ?gengavidice?, Lil Wayne Cash Money reckless young rider...young rider

There ya have it nigga, off top, four lil youngsters, knocking niggas dicks in the dirt, ya understand? So if you can t get wit this here, put your dick in the sand, nigga, we got this shit, lockin this shit, doin this shit, Cash Money Millionaires and Fresh droppin this shit, nigga if you don t like it you can sux my dick....what? what? what? what? what? what?... we doin this bitch, get it or get wit it, if not...motherfuck ya

*some of lil waynes lyrics im not sure about