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Lyric Mechanical

An Orbicular Apparition
Transforms Into Meat
Mechanical Appendages
Transfers Its Domain
Reaching Out To Souls

For Devourment
To Inherit Their Virility
For His Authority

Ransacks The Terra For His Subsistence
Searching For Souls For Their Engrossment
The Fair Sex Is What He Requires
To Generate His Denomination
The Psyche Is Happened On
He Prevails Upon His Communion
Requires To Inundate Its Mold
To Strengthen His Dominance

Takes The Soul As Nourishment Conducts It Into Compulsion,
Consumes The Physical Form Strengthens His Supremacy
Contemplates His Destination Progress For His Conclusion,
Eager To Return To His Inferno The Adjournment Anticipates
The Carcass Is Torn Open Drooling From A Hundred Wounds,
Your Being Is Engulfed Enumerates In His Potency
Moves To The Next Vicinity Till The Cycle Is Complete,
Migrates Toward His Conclusion For His Final Feast

Consumes Animation With Progression
Blood An Innards Lay About
A Sight Of Horrific Mutilation
It s Lust Pushing Him On

An Apparition Of Degradation
Thumping Like Death s Heartbeat
An Engine That Needs Only Malice
To Keep Its Machinery Turning