Lyric Melody

"I just wish that I could hold you
Why you slipping through my fingers
As I m playing the piano
What is that sound it sounds so beautiful
And I just wanna be close to you
Close enough that I can feel you
I m already wondering where you are
And it sounds like its coming from my guitar

Said that I
Love you (love you)
Said that I
Adore you (adore you)
Said that I
I Need you (need you)
Your can call me foolish
And I might be
But I m in love with the melody

Donny and stevie they could write you
Now you come humming in my ride too
As the music s playing in my radio
I hear that sound, it sounds so beautiful
It makes me wanna just embrace you, you, you
Your close enough that I can taste you
I know just where you are
Cuz your right here next to me


said that i
love you(love you, love you)
said that i (adore you, adore)
said that i
i need you (need you, need you)"