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Lyric The Walker/Thru Your Eyes

I m a walker, baby
Walking s what I do
Walked out every time, from every place
On every one except for you
Yeah, walker, mama
And I hate them long goodbyes
That hold you hostage
When you just can t say
What wouldn t come as no surprise

I don t live in fear
When my phobias appear
I pull up my stakes and run away
Don t know if that s good
Don t know if I should
I just always thought it kept me safe

But through your eyes
I see a side of me
That s coming home
And glad to be
Expected here
Through your eyes
I can see the silver twine
That ties your life to mine
I see it clear
Through your eyes

I m a walker, baby
Get those walkin blues
Jerk awake from some old ache
And grope around me for my walkin shoes

Got a walkin fever
Even in my secret thoughts
Set em up and leave em
Some one else can disconnect the dots

Don t do a thing for me
You can park my guitar by the door
Find a line of gold
Down the middle of the road
And follow just to find out what s in store

Repeat Chorus:

I m a walker, baby
Can t stay in one place
But no matter where I roam
I m walkin home
Under a vision of your face….