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Lyric The Speed Of Darkness

I been thinkin bout velocity
How the planet spins so fast
That my thoughts all get ahead of me
While my dreams drag in the past
Can t imagine what the loss would be
If it all should end today
It s the information century
And there s nothing left to say

Please help me, Einstein
I m stuck on a time line
My space is caving in
The speed of darkness
Has outrun my carcass again

Well, I usedta love the library
Better than our happy home
It s the one place you can go for free
And be totally alone
Cute librarian that you could watch
From the metaphysics aisle
And between her knees and Socrates
I was one sick juvenile

Repeat Chorus

History runs in circles
Religion runs on pain
And any little jerk ll tell you
Darkness runs in my veins

Now it s midnight at the depot
Of the last stop in our tale
Hear the final warning whistle blow
See the shiver down the rails
There s a bright-eyed kid beside me
Just a-tuggin at my sleeve
Askin : “Mister, why you cryin ?
Ain t you still got time to leave?”

Repeat Chorus