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Lyric Camille

Your eyes surprise the explorer
They redefine the word “frontier”
His wanderlust
Will gather dust
With such a paradise near

Let s be true, Camille,
Like two strangers
Huddled in the ruins of a war
Safe from the jaws
Of martial laws
Soldiers and cause, we ll abhor

Speak to me, Camille,
Like the ocean
Let your breath stream over my skin
The moon is low
The ebb and flow
Carries us out and in

Let me touch you, Camille,
Like a shaman
Who knows what is real about pain
You give so much
Receive this touch
Let it seep in like the rain

Deep in Desire s Dark Forest
You ll find your eyes will adjust
The stone and bronze
Revered icons
Have come to cobbles and rust

Ride with me, Camille,
To the borders
You need not take the wheel
But you may
It s not extremes
That fuel my dreams
But being with you on the way

Let me kneel before you in wonder
Tears from this River to spill
The mystery
Of you and me
Has wrought it s own mighty will