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Lyric Pumpkin With A Face

“Run, baby, hurry, bolt the windows and the back do
Run, while I catch my breath, then I ll tell you what fo
Don t be asceered of this here wood axe in my hand
The blood is mine. It s sprinkled all acrost our land
No time to waste. Do like I said.
My heart is cold and full of dread.

“Fetchin that shotgun down was sure a good idea
What are you thinkin , love? Don t point that thing at me.
There s somethin out there. Cain t ya hear its mockin growl?
How do you think I got this deep gash in my brow?
Please wipe the blood from my eyes.
So it don t take, take us by surprise.

“I ll tell you ever thing so nothin is concealed
I se in the pun kin patch down by the potter s field
We both know lately we cain t seem to get along
Blues tumbled over me. My thoughts was dark and wrong.
Then he rose from his restin place
Head like a pun kin with a face.

His mouth was black and deep, a tornado of teeth
Sharp nails like sickles sproutin from his hands and feet
His laugh was gurglin a blood and sulphur spit
Eyes jist like Jesus Christ, except the opposite
And he whispered in my mind
Said he come when lovers grow unkind.

You got to trust me, love, and leave that trigger be
Cause fear and strife is what he wants from you and me
We got to keep no secrets, we got to forgive
Hear my confession, love, cause I want us to live:
I ve had yearnings for your sister
Time we all got drunk, I up and kissed her.

Now that I told you, love, I promise that my heart
Won t stray until the day that death tears us part
Ain t you got nothin to confess? Quick tell me all
Please, cain t you hear him out there clawing through the wall?
Ain t the Cyprus trees bangin in the wind.
Love, I m on my knees. Tell me if you ve sinned.

I ll tell what I been told so you ll see I ain t hot
Folks say you re sweet on Jordy Grubb and got a plot
To kill me. Love, I wouldn t blame you if you do.
Confess and I ll forgive, cause I can see it s true.
Baby, please, don t back away.
Got but jist one chance, keep this thing at bay.

Even that twenty gauge won t do him any harm
When he attacked me, I chopped off his his legs and arms
Hacked him to pieces, but they slithered in a heap
And took his shape again and after me did creep
And his claws plowed the fallow field
Took his good ol time, like my doom was sealed.

Don t shoot me, darlin , if you do he ll never stop.
He s nearly through the wall. See how the wood chips drop?
Whatever you and Jordy done, I take the blame
No, I cain t drop the axe, till you give up the game.
Where you goin , love? Ain t no good to run.
Even out the back. Even with a gun.

Baby, please don t go! Baby, please don t go!
Don t unlock that do ! If you go, he ll know!
Hear them draggin claws on the killing floor?
Now you dead, for sure! Darlin , you was warned.
Give ya one last call, fore I bolt the door. (Click)

Nothing left to do but wait
Till she wanders out the gate
Then it s straight out front to check
On Jordy Grubb with my noose around his neck
Scratchin at my cabin wall
On his toes, tryin not to fall

Way off at the prop ty line
Dug a deep ditch for my false love runnin blind
Seen her taste the tongue of this man
Now she can eat it cause I got it in my hand
Here I come, girl, come to grind the axe
Here I come, puttin on my pumpkin mask
They ain t never gonna find a trace
But if they do find one, they gonna pin it on…

Pumpkin with a face
Pumpkin with a face (ad nauseum)