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Lyric Africa

Wherever you are in this great big world
You never stray far from my mind.
Did you ever make it to Africa?
You had such a dream in our time.
We d live in the jungle –
You, me, and the kids –
Swingin from vine to vine.
Uwa sikelele, Africa.
Cradle of all mankind.

Now, I got a woman whose love is so true
I want to dive in it and drown.
She s mad at the world. …At me, too.
But so good at squeezing it down.
I regret nothing;
Choices I ve made;
Leavin you like I did
But all of the diamonds in Africa
Could never outshine you, kid.

My portion of sorrows,
My portion of smiles.
The love that I ve borrowed,
They fill up the miles
Between us.

This jingle jangle is really a prayer
That you get your heart s desire
That you stay untangled from bleak affairs
And never burn out your own fire.
On your gold savannas,
In rainforests green
If you should remember me
Nkosi sikelela, Africa
You ll know why I set you free.