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Lyric Sri-Lanka

you are my Shangri-La
Hidden in the sun
Recalling the land of my roots
When my life began.

you are my Shangri-La
From this moment on
Take me away in dreams to the
Place I ve been born
Recall all my memories
That nearly have been gone

I say hey

This place I wanna stay
Me and my baby
I m sure I don t mean maybe today.
I say oh

Wish all my old friens would know
I m almost in heaven

Sri-Lanka so don t let me go
oh no.

Sri-Lanka you are my Shangri-La

A golden memory.
regained in the sun
Where I ve found my key

Sri-Lanka I ll spek your sinala
From this moment on and let me keep
Pretending you re the isle where I ve been born
Secret paradise
For dreamers like me on the run.