Lyric Anything

(feat. Next)

Yea ooh yea yea yea yea

[1- Next]
You can have anything I got
All of me right on the spot
You can have anything that I own
Work my fingers all the way to the bone

Now baby I dont wanna be fictious
Saying I can get you anything is ridiculous
But anything that you ask that s anywhere within my grasp
It s yours oh yea now I don t got fancy cars
Or diamond rings Lord knows I will if I make it with
This singing thing hold on have faith in me cause
Anything I have is yours

[Repeat 1]

Girl I know you want roll a Lexus
A Lexus with a mansion down in Texas
It s more like apartment it s pre-paid
But baby it s all okay
I can t do all the things I wanna do
But I can love you I can stay true
I ll give you my last dime
Spend all my time
It s yours whatever s mine...
You can have anything you want

[Repeat 1]

[Jaheim (Next)]
Now I don t have no LS to drive
(But i m a man with a whole lot of plans and alot of love inside)
Just believe and pray hold on to me and stay and say
(I can t handle you leaving me)
Just dream (dream) dream of Jaheim I will go the time everytime
(Just to give you a piece of mind)
Just believe everything and anything all of me baby,baby,baby,baby

[Repeat 1]

You can have anythign you want

Anything you want anything you need
Anything I have baby girl just ask anything
You want anything you need