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Lyric Finders Keepers

1- [Lil Mo] Finder s keepers loser s weepers (ooooooo)
Learn how to treat her finder s keepers
[Jaheim] Playa think of where your girl been
For the last two weeks (she)
Caught you at the bar slippin
Now she found a new place to sleep
(Now) you want problems when she don t return your beeps
I backed up the Bope gettin out the Benz jeep
Now she s rollin with me (hey)

2- [Lil Mo] Finder s are keepers and loosers are weepers
(Say it say it say it)
Learn how to treat her cause if I find her I m keep her (hey)

[Jaheim] Playa what s the problem
You re at the mall everyday (everyday)
Hopin she ll show up
But you re the one who pushed her away (yea, yea, yea)
Should ve handled your business before
You went on your stroll
But since you didn t slow your roll
You know how the story goes (oh, oh)

Repeat 2

[Lil Mo] It was all good as long as I was your bitch
Now you wanna flip when I decide to dip
Stop the phone calls I m hittin you in the hip
Two weeks without my sex nigga that was a diss
Your name s off the list so how you stackin your chips
Now was the other bitch worth it all coming to this?
Cause now I m gettin kissed like I ain t never been kissed
And, now you re gettin pissed so I ma live you with this Ya heard me?

Repeat 1 Repeat 2 til fade (2x)