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Lyric Let It Go

So you want drama huh?
We can do this
Well well well well well

I heard you ve been poppin lip
Talking slick
If you want it you can get it we can handle this
My shorty keep telling me you re stressing her out
You need to relax before I go up in ???
I m not the one to be played with
Your loose-ass lips will get your dome split
You re getting me steamed and you don t wanna do that
You mess around and make me have to wile out and snap
I think you better let it go
Heard you been creeping round my baby s back though
Now what you sliding through here for?
I think you better let it go
I think you wanna let it be (be)
Cos if you want beef I got the recipe
Now you don t really want no parts of me
I think you better let it be (let it be)

Can t believe you came here, thinking bout what s gone
What the Hell is wrong with you son? Best be moving on
Before you go, gotta let u know
See those excuses you was using, you can t come here with that there no more
She s been around the house, stacking what you bought,
Everything you own is on the back porch,
You re breaking the rules, kid I ve had enough
I m bout to start hooking off with jabs and upper cuts
What? What? What? What?


Wilin over this chick Ja, Slow you illin
Probably be the next book by Terry McMillan
Open off of Hennessey, seeing the remedy,
Ready to pop em both like, like they breaking and entry,
It s Tempting, they ll turn your last name Simpson,
Redemption, leave you in a centre of detention,
If he don t listen, air him out
It s Shorty ???? It aint a game
It s what a playa about. Cash flow