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Lyric Leavin yew

(Talking quietly)
Even though ya gone baby im thinkin ov yew,
you might be out wif another gurl tell her ya woeful stories
the ones you probibly told a thousad times before me
but don t matta i m still thinkin ov yew...

Have you ever loved somebody so much
it makes you cry?
Have you you ever needed somethin so bad
you can t sleep at nite?
Next time yew wake in the middle ov da nite
think ov me kuz i ll always be, ya lova, Ya Lova!..ohh ya lova..yeah

I hope you don t turn back
i don t want yew to see my heart breakin
Pleaze don t look back
I don t want yew to see me crying...ohh no no

If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still feel the same?
Would you hear me at night
When I whisper your name?
Would you remember me each day
And know that our love was so true?
Would you remember our night together
When I was holding you?


Would you break down and cry
A river of endless tears?
Would you be able to feel me
If ever I was near?
Would you understand my feelings
Could you deal with the pain?
Or would you go crazy
And try to take all the blame?
Would you know that I still love you
Through all the pain and sorrow
Would you still be in love with me
If I leave here tomorrow?

repeat chorse till fading...