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Lyric Hail To The Conquering Hero

Hail To the Conquering Hero

- Artist: James Darren as sung on "The Best Of James Darren"
-Rhino Records R2 71664
-peak Billboard position # 97 in 1962
-Words and Music by Gloria Shayne and Howie Greenfield

Hail to the conquerin hero
There he goes with the girl he stole from me
Hail to the conquerin hero
Look at him, he s as proud as he can be
He may think he s won the prize
But he doesn t realize
I m not givin her up so easily

Hail to the conquerin hero
I suppose he ll be kissin her tonight
Three cheers for the conquerin hero
Marchin off with my baby just for spite
While he is makin with romance
I ll be planning an advance
I m not givin her up without a fight

For now I may retreat but I won t admit defeat
I ll show that guy I m just as smart
Yeah, all s fair in love and war so I ll even up the score
I ll decorate him with a broken heart

Down with the conquerin hero
Pretty soon I ll be ready to attack
I ll conquer the conquerin hero
When I do, then I ll get my baby back
So he thinks the battle s done
But the battle s just begun
I ll be winnin her back, just wait and see
And then that conquerin hero is gonna be me

Transcribed by Robin Hood

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