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Lyric Sweet Potato Pie

Oh, Lord I feel fine today, walkin on cloud nine today
I m over that line today, happiness is finally mine today
I guess I m just a lucky guy, and I m prepared to tell you why
It s strictly on account of my sweet potato pie

I m the fella that she loves the most, the main reason why she left the coast
She s my little girl Xenia, that much hotter then a jalapeno
Tender like the night in June, sweeter then a honeymoon
Brighter then a silver spoon, just as crazy as a loon
Softer then a lullaby, deeper then the midnight sky
Soulful as a baby s cry, my sweet potato pie

I used to see her around the neighbourhood, wonder how she grew up so good
She belonged to Freddy and he was bad, I was never ready to make him mad
I m glad I had to wait a while, a little bit too juvenile
I needed to refine my style, silk suite and a crocodile smile
She let the whole damn world go by, cause I just wanna testify
From now on it s me and my sweet potato pie