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Lyric Hola Hovito

[Intro - Jay-Z]:
J-A-Y (uh, uh-huh, uh, uh)
(Oooh, oooh)
It s the hawk I m talkin about right here, Timbo (Oooh, oooh)
(Es Jay-Hovito)
I can t be stopped with a hawk like this, smell me?
(Uno, dos, tres, cuatro)

[Verse 1]:
That s what they sayin when I ROLL UP wit MY PEOPLE
My music bangin like Vatos Locos, got rap in a chokehold
And I won t surrender it wit - beats by Timbaland
CALLATE LA BOCA, my baby all I wanna do is stroke ya
All crazy, my - dick game is vicious, insane adventures
Mami keep comin back cause mami came vicious
Catch Hov in a drop, nasty thang, lane-switchin
Once you turn ya neck for a sec, ya dame s missin
MUJANDO, PUJANDO, the cops is comin
Got that rap patrol behind yo , and get to runnin
I m unstoppable HOV, untoppable FLOWS
I m the compadre, the Sinatra of my day
Old Blue Eyes, my nigga, I did it my way
Y all not rollin wit Hov? Then hit the highway

[Chorus x 2]:
Hola Hovito, Hola Hovito
Yeah, that s what they sayin when that music get to bangin
Put it down for my PEOPLE!

[Verse 2]:
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Naw, I don t fuck around, stay on my J-O
Hov been about that doe since I was a day old
Oh, push Pinico if I need to for the root of evil
Was born in the belly, that s the way streets breed you
One life to live, notice you get no sequel
So I truly got to live this like my last movie
Six oooh-ey, jewels drippin , big tuli
I ball for real, y all niggas is Sam Bowie
And wit the third pick, (uh) I made the Earth sick
MJ, him Jay, fadeaway perfect
I rhyme sicker than every rhyme-spitter
Every crime nigga that rhyme or touch a mic because my mind s quicker
I m a 88, a 9-6, unreasonable doubt
Temper short, don t take much to squeeze you out
Yeah, you shinin , but the only thing you leavin out...
You re a candle in the sun, that shit don t even out

[Chorus x 2]

[Verse 3]:
Hold up, naw muh fuckas
Y all muh fuckas better run to the post office
And get a job, muh fuckas
A star, muh fuckas
Cause Jay s been the only one eaten thus far
Sub-par, muh fuckas
Naw, even though y all hate, I still love y all muh fuckas
Friend or foe, y all all my muh fuckas
If you haven t heard, I m Michael, Magic and Bird
All roled in one, cause none got more flows then Young
Plus got more flows to come
And if I ain t better then BIG, then I m the closest one
So move over, hoes, chose Hova
My food for thought s so hot it give you dudes ulcers
Drove us, roadsters, hoes is - gettin in wit me
Livin like they supposed ta
Watches, chain, front row at the game
Sold out arena, all screamin my name, c mon!

[Chorus x 2]

[*Music to fade*]