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Lyric All Around The World

ft. LaToiya Williams

Swear to God I just touched down

[Chorus: Jay-Z + (LaToiya)]
All around the world.. (same song)
Killa Cali nigga (same song)
A-T-L (same song)
Real-adelphia.. dude it s all around the world

London, England, South of France
And all points between they know about your man
Konichiwa ladies when I m out in Japan
I m a Tokyo Giant like Ichiro, I am
piss poor nigga from the hood but I blew
Now I bounce six-fours up and down Crenshaw
Spot me the hotel, the Cap , or Capri
Bathrobe, slippers in the lobby like weed
Your man ll stand manta ray, handlin a steak
And handlin the modern stand about five-eight
Five-nine fine wine fine dine either that
or I m mixin in Switzerland, tryin to buy time
Ballin out in Bali when it s gorgeous out in Cali
Brunchin at the 4 Seasons, off the heezy
When it s back home nigga back to the zone
Nigga back to the books to the rhymes that took me

[Chorus: Jay-Z + (LaToiya)]
All around the world.. (same song)
Brooklyn bombers (same song)
Detroit players (same song)
Chi-Town.. all around the world

Said it s all love, Sure Club, M-I-A
Party at bungalow eight, when I stay
Pool look like a hundred Beyonce s
A couple fiances, I m the new DeVante
"Come and Talk to Me" mami in the Ea-sy
Garant, I hope, she ain t too young
Only twenty-one and older let another nigga mold her
I m just tryin to show her how a baller and a roller
sleep one place, sell the pie to keep the engine
runnin then I wake up in Martha s Vineyard
Same boss this year, I think I m gon spend Christmas
reminisce about the time my mom couldn t spend Christmas
Now I m gon send her on her own little wish list
Anywhere in the world, anywhere for my girl
Forever my lady, blind crippled and crazy
A ticket and you pay to see D - sweet Sade

Sade, Sade, don t you know I love you sweet Sade, Sade
All around the world

Said it ain t where you from yo it s where you at
Real niggaz out in Brooklyn, some niggaz don t clap
It s real killers out in Cali, some niggaz just act
Hollywood like they out the hood, it s all to the good
Real players in the D-Twa, some of them throwed
Slackin on they mackin, rest haven for hoes
Real pranksters in the Chi, most of them real folks
Disciplined Gangsters, come on Charlie I know
Shit it ain t about your city or borough
It s bout if you really as thorough
And if you are, holla at your boy
I put my hand on my heart, that means I feel you
Real recognize real and you lookin familiar
I ma Bed-Stuy nigga but I do it to death
I promise I m as St. Thomas homey eatin at Chef s
One-twelve, A-T-L, the sun up yet?
Then we party like the sun don t set

We gon take you all around the world.. it s the same song (same song)
Everywhere (same song)
It s the same song (same song)
We gon take you all around the world.. same song (same song)
Same song (same song)
Same song (same song)
All around the world..

[harmonizing to the end]