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Lyric Hova Song (Intro)

Yeah, I know you just ripped the packaging off your CD
If you like me you readin the credits right now
If you in your car, I don t care if it s winter
I want you to put all your windows down
Zone out, buckle up, let s go

Hello it s Hova; that s right young un the wait is over
The new millineum is upon us, the album is here
Before we get into the shit, let s get a few things clear
Rappers with no relation:
there s "Seven Degrees of Seperation" and I m Kevin Bacon
This is the murderer s version
Jigga the shit, even when he rhyme in third person
Hova the God, I should be rappin with turban
Haters can t disturb him, waiters can t serve him
Mike Jordan of rap - outside J workin
Now watch how quickly I drop 50
I don t like playin, niggaz can t stick me
Niggaz can not jam me, niggaz can t get me
Slimmy at the Rucka wanna leave and spend with me
I consistantly take em out the park like Ken Griffey
Do you believe? It s Hova the God

[Pain In Da Ass]
Makes you think about the people in your life
Then I think about BIG; what d he say if he was here
He d say, "Jay, what s it about? What s life about?
If you don t go through as a man s a man"
He d say, "Suck it up, take the fall, do the time
that s what makes you who you are, makes you what you are"
How many years you been around this thing of ours?
Commision, 125 years
What s it about?
It s about rules, parameters
You take the beatin for the friend you don t lay down
you don t betray who you are, what you are
You gotta remember guys like Taj, Chill, Ran, Emory
They don t roar, they don t rap
You know why? That s the rules, you don t break them
You was born to be somethin I wasn t even supposed to be.. humble
Okaay so you humble me now, what you got?
You got a war, you got global war
You got a worldwide crime syndicate now
There s no rules, there s no parameters, there s no feelings
There s no feelings for this game
So.. five ten years from now
You re gonna wish there was American Commision
Five ten years from now...
They re gonna miss Jay-Z
Oahhhkayyyyy, I m reloaded!!!!!