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Lyric Fresh Interlude

Yo yo, this Wyclef, alongside DJ Skribble (for the ladies)
Yo Skribble I have one question
Could you please answer this for me?
I gotta know this yo

What makes a DJ *cut and scratched "fresh"*
What makes an MC *cut and scratch "fresh"*
What makes the ReFugees *scratch "fresh"*
Why are kids getting jealous?

Cause we F, R, E, S, H
Fresh, fresh, fresh, that s, fresh!
F, R, E, S, H
Fresh, fresh, fresh, that s, fresh!

Hey you, player, with the dibble and the dabble
You wanna battle who? Wyclef or DJ Skribble
Hold the stickup it s a freestyle session
Skribble where you from man *scratched "Long Island"*
Well I m from Haiti, then Brooklyn, then Jersey
with a universal tag, plus I got *scratched "money in the bag"*
You slept on this musician, plus the hip-hop art
Bring your best MC s *scratched "What?"*
Cause every man got disciples if you ever want a rival
Show up, with a mic, and a rifle
Wyclef stuck the bank at mid-day
and took all of Sony money, in a black van he got away
I just got a call from Tommy Mottola
He said forget about it "oh my word"
So I held John Agrassia, at gunpoint
He s shook, callin Donny Aiena, while smokin a joint
I said, Who s the informer? They say, Michael Malden
I had to take him out "Three the hard way!"
The moral of this story don t blame the record company
If your record ain t selling you lack creativity

But what you want me to say? What what you want me to say huh?
Yo I ve been trying to get a deal for, years and it ain t
What you want me to say?

*cut and scratched "hehehehehehe"*
*cut and scratched "ju-ju-just shut up"*
*cut and scratched "Bite it!"*
*mix the above three*
"And I ll kill anyone, who dares to go against me!"