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Lyric The Love Song

First time I felt it, think I was five years old.
I was scared, had a nightmare; Momma was there for me to hold.
Daddy, he was different; he never said it much,
But I heard him loud and clear when he brought home that ball and glove.
Then it took on a brand new meaning,
I wasn t just a boy no more, when she moved in next door.

Where you from? What s your name?
Wanna go to my game?
Got the keys to my Dad s old truck.
Turn the radio off to remember the song,
We held hands and there we was,

Pages kept on turnin , there I was with someone else.
First time in my lifetime, I wasn t livin for myself.
I knew I wasn t fallin , anywhere I d fell before.
This place was different: it was deeper, it was more.
Then it took on a brand new meaning,
Yeah, it was strong and it was true, knew what I had to do.

Found a ring, hit my knees,
Couldn t talk, couldn t breathe,
My heart had me all choked up.
Said: "I do," as we cried; wedding bells,
Waved goodbye, the whole church knew it was:

Then it took on a brand new meaning,
When the doctor said: "It s time to watch your miracle arrive."

Thank the Lord, cut the cord.
Take her home, help her grow.
And complete the circle of love.

That s the circle of love.

To fade out.