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Lyric Independent

Yo, in the war game of my lifespan i strive for ammunition
the light stands bright and i cant quite envision, my thoughts to
its old skool transition
living with indivision, my right hand man missing in action
rewritten captions for snapshots that capture the wars and poor house in block backdrops
indecision head rap without raprocks
junkietax money broken back from the monkey dead funny bled innocence
the hungry fed ignorance, misled by power and influence
out of place i face an immagrants condition
poems written proceed, the way my gravestone description will read
believe, in love, i stay home in prison
wishing it ll be different for my seed
because my art heart bleeds the blood, of my bad dreams
i shed the tears of illusion to see the grand scheme clear
it may not bled much, hero pain came in a head rush
i developed empathy and nexus 6
and he swithed to plan B and neglects
just an hour hand, stole the candy and my lexis is lost the reality sour
my lexis makes sense of the fallocys, money and power
the how i re-evaluate situations and information
i walk with the vagrance and stay patient
im patent, my innovention, rhyme invention
eyes and minds extend as crime prevention
ya cant beat the man but you can stall him
too clever i stay a devil coz all the angels have fallen
to earth knees buckle into cripple
my destiny falling since an infant, succling a nipple to nourish
pose daisy age my pages flourish
pre-apocalyse my scripts stripping you of courage

At the intersection of a crossroads, the archer
selected the direction for the arrow of my crossroads departure
i crossed fingers and crossed toes
to double cross the double dealers karma, balance starts to martyr
harder my words grab attention
trouble cost an arm and a leg, lend an ear
not to mention im defending my head
against my inbended forces preventing progression
my cause is congested with tumbleweed and stumbling blocks
sods law is opportunity knocks and doors locked
wondering whats next, never took kindly to threats
best step behind me, or step blindly on sets
find your months and ya necks sepparated
once bitten, never smitten elevated by rhythem
i updated what id written, prior to this list
and beats christen deep,
lyrics born of my innovision peep the mission
my motion graceful, my ways are worldly so the page pulls you in
with the gravatational force of my thoughts i win
wars with words, my pen
mightyer than the sword, my sins
torn my limbs with pain
im fighting a losing battle tryin to grapple the shackles on my brain
confusion, i must organise to maintain
realising my dillusion is sharing the same aims as my flame
blown out by the wind of change
grown so i aint into game, stay home and play
envy my innerself empty
considering giving up hope, dont tempt me
dope i got plenty, but the big wigs gotta whiff
now we cant get a hit, coz they re hogging the spliff
trying to ruin it can doin it, dogging my gif
how im losing in pursuing life dodging the bitch
thinkin bout robbing i switch to legit methods of gettin rich quick
whatever effort ya in the district requires
this misfits disc fits its drive
trying to find my independence, staying alive
no gold pendents jive talkin, or strut in my stride
im just walking with pride, wall front the side
its like something inside provides a catalyst for vision
activist acting with accurist precission
over rhythem sections, we live in ressurection
two tape deck rewind direction selection
tape check take life as a lesson in living
will i be the unforgiven or the unforgiving?