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PLAY : Jennifer Lopez

I could wait all night & day
To go a party sit down & wait
Give my request to the DJ, cause my song he s gotta play
And when I hear that beat, I get my body up out my seat
Grab a guy & move my feet, he s playing my song

Play, come on play that song
Play it all night long
Just turn it up & turns me on
Play, come on DJ play that song
U know that it turns me on
Just turn it up & turn me on

DJ just play that song
Cause I want be singing all night long
Would say my ( play my ) play my ( play my)
Play my favourite song

I don t care if everybody s gone
Turn it up cause it turns me on
Keep dancin all night long
I feel so right that I can t be wrong
I get the chills up & down my spine
Whenever I hear that song of mine
When it stops better press rewind
Let me hear it one more time


Now Mr. DJ, I m asking u three times
Play my mother fucking song