Lyric Spanish Fly

Black Rob feat. Jennifer Lopez

[Black Rob]
Yo look clown I come through to put it down
Keep thinkin that you hard take a look around
I got soldiers stationed up to bring pain
And when it go down my hoes do the same thing
We all in the same game, we all willin to bang
Ain t nobody going against the grain, so take aim
B.R. s evasive, cut all the faces, catch all the cases, this real
You rather bet cha life than face me
I mean I got this rap game locked with more cake than Tastee
Black the feindest, the title I hold I won t relinquish
And this type shit you should distinguish
And one phone call and I ll extinquish, I mean this you seen this
Blue steel fo-fo the caliber, Excalibur, Im a destroy my next challenger
B. Rob high post MC, quick to spray Raid on the roach MC
So don t be apporachin me without the cross and rosary
Who this nigga pose to be, I blast him in the open beef
Damn Black, how you do that der?
Cuz we..don, I ll take em there

Chorus: Jennifer Lopez

Last night, I dreamed of some more dough
Some crystal, sixty thousand, and ten dimes of dro
(I ll take em there)
That s when I realized I m dreaming
Too late now, guess I ll finish what I started baby

[Black Rob]
Y all niggas heard the first verse no doubt shit bangin
Verse two make sure none of y all left hangin
Got honies lovin this shit too, girl I m with chu
Long as you know my pants don t fit choo
Money good look, understand why he shook
Shit I m rich, face all up in the Guiness Book
Check, all the records I set, its major
Check, that the sets I wreck with flavor
Fuck that cajun, guns stay bond cock
Boiling hot, hold shit down like Fort Knox
Man, knock the rhyme unorthadox
What cha barely understand, shit I did with the L.O.X.
Give me the props, Im tryin set a mark this year
And bring the equipment out to the parks this year
So y all could see how it used to be
I m lookin towards the future see
Black here to stay, its time y all got used to me
Puff said Black ain t tryin to fit in
Up and down the coast can t count the spots I ve been in
Put cha bid in


[Black Rob]
I hit arenas swinging notice if my name was Teddy Pender
hot beats and hot rhymes tossed in a blenda
I want ch all to feel hardcore, nothin tenda
Blessed this mic for as long as I remember
Y all can t see the Rob, uh-uhh, y all must be stupid
If I owe Sean Combs any money then I recouped it
I looped it, this fly shit from Nebodaga
Me and Yogi and Hard Pierre from You Dont Know Me
I dare you to come against me, run against me
Use your gun against me, you finito, finished
I ve seen wild cats diminished, foldin for, Bad Boy s known to ball
Internationally, I m sayin actually
I have to be the next cat to go and sell a million records casually
So, prepare yourself for the storm, Nineteen-nine-nine its on
And I m just gettin warm