Lyric JD s Reply (Jackin 4 Beats)

Gimme dat beat fool, it s a full time jack move
Fuck y all I ll make the motherfuckin track move
And Eminem, Tim, Tom, Dick, and Hank
Already know that I m something ya ll ain t
A little young non-stopper
And from Rap to R&B I m breaking niggas off proper
With that S-O S-O DEF M-O-B; fuck Dre, this J.D.
And here s how I m a greet ya
Stop [Record Scratches] fool - come off that beat
[Beat Changes]

Ya should ve never fucked with College Park
You little gay ass mark
All you can say about me is that I m short
But my dough is long
Dr. Dre motherfucker come on
See I know you don t do half the work in the studio
Plus you like letting niggas play with your booty hole
Whoa!!! Off in Dre dick he choked
Timbaland s in the house "What up loc"?
Niggas don t even think about it (uh uh)
Are better yet motherfucker you need to think about it
You same beat makin non-rappin individ-ual
I was makin what you make now when I was a child (ha)
You still try to come up, look at you and look at me
Nigga don t try to run up
Cause you ll get bang something sweet
J-D-U-P-R-I and I m jacking y all beats [Beat Changes]

Di Di Da Di Di Di Di Da Di Day (Ha)
Who gives a fuck about a Timbaland and Dre?
A-T-L-A-N-T-A is where I m from
And I m a keep on dropping these bombs, see
I think that we too big to be battleing
But I m sick and tired of hearing you motherfuckers keep babblen
Ya so stick this in your ass for a minute

[Talking (Beat Changes)]
And if you come at me again
I m a come right back at your ass three times harder
Fo sho, I do this nigga, fuck y all
Oh yeah, Eminem, I left you out deliberately - you know why?
Cause to me you like a character in Disney World
Known for dissing pop groups and Justin s Ex-Girl
Shit don t nobody take you serious [Laughing]
Naw, you dont get no credit fo that
Nigga, you dont get no credit fo that