Lyric Then We Are Decided

CAIAPHASWe ve been sitting on the fence for far too long

ANNASWhy let him upset us?
Caiaphas - let him be
All those imbeciles will see
He really doesn t matter

CAIAPHASJesus is important
We ve let him go his way before
And while he starts a major war
We theorize and chatter

ANNASHe s just another scripture-thumping hack from Galilee

CAIAPHASThe difference is they call him king - the difference frightens me
What about the Romans
When they see king Jesus crowned?
Do you think they ll stand around
Cheering and applauding?

What about our people
If they see we ve lost our nerve?
Don t you think that they deserve
Something more rewarding?

ANNASThey ve got what they want - they think so anyway
If he s what they want why take their toy away?
He s a craze

CAIAPHASPut yourself in my place
I can hardly step aside
Cannot let my hands be tied
I am law and order

What about our priesthood?
Don t you see that we could fall?
If we are to last at all
We cannot be divided

ANNASThen say so to the council
But don t rely on subtlety
Frigthen them or they won t see

CAIAPHASThen we are decided?

ANNASThen we are decided.