Lyric Big Dipper

The mist rolls off the beaches:
the train rolls into the station.
Weekend happiness seekers --- pent-up saturation.
Well, we don t mean anyone any harm,
we weren t on the Glasgow train.
See you at the Pleasure Beach:
roller-coasting heroes.
Big Dipper riding ---
we ll give the local lads a hiding
if they keep us from the ladies
hanging out in the penny arcades.
Shaking up the Tower Ballroom
throwing up in the bathroom.
Landlady s in the backroom ---
I m the Big Dipper ---
it s the weekend rage.

Rich widowed landlady give me your spare front door key.
If you re 39 or over, I ll make love to you next Thursday ---
I may stay over for a week or two
drop a postcard to my mum.
I ll see you at the waltzer ---
we ll go big-dipping daily.