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Lyric Gordan is a Moran

Ive been goin out with a girl
Her name is julie
But last night she said to me
when we were watching telly
(this is what she said)
She said listen John I love you
But theres this bloke I fancey
I dont want to two time you
So its the end for you and me
Whos this bloke I asked her
goooooordan she replied
Not THAT puff I said dissmaid
yes but hes no puff she cried - hes more a man than youll ever be

Here we go two three four

I was so upset that i cried all the way to the chip shop
When I came out there was Gordan standing at the bus stop
And guess who was with him
Yeah Julie- and they were both laughing at me
ah, she is cruel and heartless
two-pack made for Gordan
Just coz hes beta looking than me
just coz hes cool and trendy

but i know hes a moran , Gordan is a moran
Gordan is a moran, gordan is