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Lyric Table For Two

(intro talking)

Girl, tonight is all for you. Our
special rendezvous, table for two.

Table for two in a room with a view.
Your body s on my menu, let me eat it up
Gonna start from your toes til I heat
it up.
Table for two tonight I m gonna eat on
you and there won t be no IOUs. Let me
eat it up. Gonna start from your toes
til I heat it up

Come on in a lay the table, it s your
body I wanna feast. Girl tonight I ll
be your waiter, I wanna serve you a mid-
night treat. Would you like a little
teaser? Enough to wet your appetite. A
little taste of soemthing sweeter served
just the way you like.

I wanna taste your wine. I want your
lips on mine. I wanna pleasure you (if
it s alright girl), baby any way you
want me to.


I ll make you say uhh just a little more
I think you re ready for the main course
A little cream and cherry thing that I
can spread below your navel ring. I ll
work my way down just a bit lower, I
wanna kiss your body right. And just
when you think it s over, I ll make it
last all nite.

bridge then chorus

Fingertips on your lips. Don t it make
you wanna cream don t say shhh. Taste
so sweet on my tongue, I can feel your
sugar walls, here it comes.

chorus to fade