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Lyric Outta Control(Featuring John Cena)

ya boys a bad man
and we invadin da streets
makin unclever rappers
they be droppin the heat(gggg-unit)
dis 50 cent john cena yall shuld no
we take ya bitches around globe
we their papi s yo
bone them good in da club
50 and cena drinkin dat pimp stuff
and yall know yall cant see me
but fiddy can and he gon take it from here

(50 cent)
now yall know dat im striat thug
(ya know dat im strait thug)
me and cena hittin it ol skool in da club
(hittin it ol skool in da club)
come dance wit me in slo mo
da king in da house they like oh no
watsup mami
yea i like ya body
ride in da ferrari
wit da gggzzz
oh hell yeah fiddy and cena gettin outta control
(dis da shit)
chain gang and g-unit izzzz on a roll
stop playin man turn da music up alittle bit
ima huslte now shawty lets get into it
you know i got mad money
but this aint funny honey
yea doggie fresh
u disrespect my rep
ima cut ya throat off
take ya bitch and tell her ta take her clothes off
(50 cent)
wat would u do if it all ended tomorrow
times runninn out fiddy got da gak
and ja rule gonna have a heart attak
dont be scured didnt u hear im on fire
g-unit and chain gang iz rel yalls is just liars
dis da genius
wit a large penis
ladies come along for da ride
dis is fiddy,john cena.
CZ, i know u out dere.
be a rappa dog
ya time is now!